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Hi there! We are the Gallaghers!

Tammy is a retired nurse and goat enthusiast. Dennis is a retired Marine aviator. Our kids are all grown and have each fledged the nest, so we are now focused on creating a magical place to spend the rest of our lives together.
When we decided to expand our little farmstead to include goats, Tammy spent nearly a year researching breeds, nutrition, parasite management, housing, and husbandry in general before we added to our budding farm. We finally decided on and purchased our first Nigerian Dwarf babies in 2017 and we were HOOKED. They really are the sweetest, most perfect, 4-legged farm creatures you could ever imagine. And Oh MY Goodness...THE MILK!
Tammy has learned so much over the years and is always excited to share her knowledge.  This led to her teaching on-farm courses to fellow goat and other small ruminant enthusiasts! After numerous inquiries regarding online courses, Tammy decided to open this online school so you can learn at your own pace without the drive to our remote hideaway. 

This is only the beginning and you can expect the courses available to grow as time passes. 
Tammy Gallagher
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